The Applied Geology lab comprises state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for the determination of inorganic analytes applied for both research and teaching.

Major and minor elements in aqueous solutions can be determined by ICP-OES (725 ES, Agilent) or Flame-AAS (AAS 5FL, Analytik Jena), trace and ultratrace elements by means of ICP-MS (X-Series II, Thermo Fisher Scientific). Anionic contents in aqueous solutions can be analyzed by Ion chromatography (Integrion-RFIC, Thermo Fisher Scientific), UV-VIS-Photometrie (DR 6000, Hach) and by Titration (Titrino 716 DM, Metrohm).

Solid samples can be analyzed subsequent to microwave assisted pressure digestion (MARS5Express, CEM) or conventional pressure digestion (DAS, Fa. PicoTrace) as bulk samples or direct and spatially resolved by means of Laser Ablation (213 nm Nd:YAG LSX-213G2+, Teledyne) coupled to ICP-MS. Sequential extraction can be used to estimate mobility and chemical bonding of heavy metals and radionuclides in soils.

Spatially resolved determination of REE patterns in a cemented layer by means of LA-ICP-MS (from Grawunder et al., Applied Geochemistry 54 (2015) 100–110).


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