Microwave digestion

By means of microwave digestion the digestion of biological materials (plants, microorganisms) and the digestion of geological samples (by aqua regia) is possible. By ICP-MS and ICP-OES, respectively the element concentrations in the digestion solutions can be determined.


Sample preparation


Mars Xpress-System (CEM, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany) for simultaneous microwave assisted pressure digestion of up to 40 samples. Vessels made of PFA are available featuring volumes of 10 mL, 55 mL, 100 mL.

Sample preparation

For microwave digestion samples must be dried and ground (minimum mass: 500 mg; if less material is available please discuss in advance). We suggest to ground larger masses to guarantee highest possible representativity of the sample.

For biological samples a clear indication is necessary if the sample contains toxic/pathogenic microorgansims.


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