Riefenstahl, Markus

M. Sc. Biology

Room: D305

Telephone: +49 3641 / 948667

E-Mail: markus.riefenstahl@uni-jena.de

Field of activity: Phytoremediation, Bio-Geo-Interactions

Project: Phytoremediation experiments with fast-growing tree species

University education

since 2013

Institute of Geosciences, Working group Applied Geology

since 2012

Scientific assistant
Institute of Geosciences, FSU in Jena

Study of Biology, Geography und Geology
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Degree: Magister Scientiarum (M. Sc.)

Title of thesis:
„Studies on the effect of microbial factors and Ethanolamin on growth parameters and heavy metal tolerance in plants”



Phytoremediation experiments with fast-growing tree species

Different tree species/hybrids were tested for their remediation potential on heap substrate from a former Uranium mining site near Ronneburg in Thuringia (Germany). Experiments were conducted under field as well as greenhouse conditions over a total time period of four vegetation periods. As regulating treatment factors combined microbial inoculations (ecto- and endomycorrhizal fungi, heavy metal resistant strains of bacteria) and substrate amendment (alkaline soil material) were applied.