Lecture program

An overview on lectures of the Applied Geology Department, partly in cooperation with other working groups, is given in the following tables.

In addition, the Applied Geology supports lectures of other departments as well, e.g. Introduction to Geosciences, Instrumental Analytics.

More detailed information is given under www.igw.uni-jena.de for Geociences, www.bgw.uni-jena.de for Biogeosciences, and under friedolin.uni-jena.de.

Winter semester

Summer semester

Lecture program in winter semester

Bio-Geo-Interactions I Part 1

Well Site Geology and Ground Water Prospecting

Soft Sediments

Introduction to Engineering Geology

Introduction to Remote Sensing/GIS

Methods of Hydrogeochemistry

Isotopes in Hydrogeology

Geological Project I+II

Biogeoscientific Project I+II

Lecture program in summer semester

Introduction to Applied Geology

Exogeneous Geology: Geological Mapping

Bio-Geo-Interactions I Part 2

Bio-Geo-Interactions II

Geoscientific Project

Biogeoscientific Project

Bachelor Thesis Geosciences

Bachelor Thesis Biogeosciences

Geology of Raw Materials

Advanced Field Course Applied Geology

Biogeoscientific Field Course

Master Thesis Geology

Master Thesis Biogeosciences

Environmental Analytics for Chemists I

Field trip Earth History for Geographers



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